Learn about the mentorship program

OUFC is proud to offer a unique mentorship program focused on the urban forest sector

Our program connects interested participants with experienced professionals, to support and advance their careers in urban forestry. This connection creates a mutually beneficial relationship where the mentee has the opportunity to ask questions, gain exposure to career opportunities in urban forestry, and develop a professional network, while the mentor provides guidance, shares advice, and supports the next generation of urban forestry leaders. OUFC reviews all applications and pairs participants based on goals, interests, and objectives to ensure a successful and supportive relationship.

Applications are accepted year-round. For more information or to sign up as a mentee/mentor, click here. Mentors are required to be an experienced urban forestry professional, and must be willing to share experiences, provide guidance, and be available for one-on-one meetings with their mentee. Learn about the benefits of being a mentee/mentor below.

  • Build Career Pathways – gain exposure and insight to career opportunities and requirements in your area of interest
  • Develop Skills – learn and practice transferable skills like time management, communication, problem-solving, active listening, etc.
  • Network – meet and establish relationships with professionals working in the urban forest sector
  • Set Goals – identify and work towards personal and professional goals
  • Foster Interest and Growth – share the benefits of working in urban forestry and attract skilled, motivated professionals to the field
  • Develop Skills – enhance your own professional development by practicing leadership, coaching, and communication skills
  • Share Knowledge and Experiences – drawn on your years of experience to share knowledge, skills, and advice
  • Stay Motivated – renew your passion for urban forestry by seeing things through your mentees eyes